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No new taxes!!!

No new taxes!!!

Rep. Kent Lambert receiving "Taxpayers' Champion" Award from Colorado Union of Taxpayers officers Marty Neilson and Penn Pfiffner

I have a proven record of saving taxpayers' hard-earned money. In 2007, I was recognized by the Colorado Union of Taxpayers (CUT) as a "Taxpayers' Champion" as one of only three legislators with a 100% rating. I received the CUT "Taxpayer Guardian" Award in September, 2008. As a budget and systems analyst, I've made tough decisions and prioritized budgets. One such project saved the U.S. Air Force almost six billion dollars. I will work to find the waste and inefficiency in Colorado government. I will fight to prioritize spending and make decisions to provide the best return for your hard-earned tax dollars.

I strongly support the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights, support your right to vote on new taxes, and I will continually work to keep government taxation and spending in check. I oppose any net tax increases. Since Referendum C was passed in 2006, and an unconstitutional multi-billion dollar property tax was passed in 2007, it is even more important that taxpayers' money is monitored for waste and excessive spending.

Voters who supported Amendment 23 thought funding for K-12 education should be a high priority and it should be. However, many did not foresee how that Amendment's mandatory increases would cut so deeply into other budget priorities. I will work to maintain quality education, while attempting to keep fiscal discipline by encouraging competition and reducing unnecessary requirements that stiffle common sense reforms in education.

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Tax Pledge

Kent Lambert is a member of the Colorado Union of Taxpayers (CUT), and this pledge is on file with them at

I, Kent Lambert, candidate for House District 14, hereby pledge to the Citizens of Colorado:

Tabor: to honor and uphold the spirit as well as the letter of TABOR.

New Taxes: to oppose any new net tax increase.

Spending Limit: to limit government spending to growth of Colorado population and inflation.

Tax Surplus: to support the refund of surplus taxes to the citizens of Colorado proportional to their contributions.

Prioritize Spending: to support prioritizing the budget by shifting spending from lower valued programs to the higher priorities, and not fund spending with new net taxes.

Education: to support educational alternatives such as vouchers to create competition and improve student results at a lower cost.

Privatize: to support privatization of government departments and functions to make them more efficient and less expensive.

Property Rights: to defend private property rights from "takings" by government or by regulation.

Payroll Deductions: to oppose unauthorized payroll deductions that are used for political purposes.

Petition Rights: to support the citizen's right to petition with rules as non-restrictive as possible.

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