Printed on 5/1/19

Small businesses and jobs

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Our families can only succeed if our economy and job market is vibrant and healthy. We need a 21st Century workforce, an educational system to teach modern skills and a strong small business environment to employ them. I have a small business perspective. Our family started and has run the successful Simpich Character Dolls business in Old Colorado City for over 50 years. I have seen first-hand how government regulations and tax policies can interfere with small businesses' ability to survive, and their ability to hire willing employees. I support legislation to limit lawsuit abuse and extreme lawsuit awards that raise costs to small businesses, medical and drug costs to the sick and elderly, and make insurance unaffordable.

In 2008, I attempted to reduce the onerous state business personal property tax by stopping the practice of taxing property for decades after it is fully depreciated. Although that bill was defeated on a party-line vote, I plan to continue to press for tax relief for small businesses in the future. I received the endorsement of NFIB for my voting record supporting small businesses.

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