Printed on 5/1/19

Law Enforcement and Emergency Preparedness

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I spent almost 34 years in the military working to protect American families and our way of life. As your representative, I will continue to uphold my oath to support and defend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, especially the First and Second Amendments, and private property rights. I will work with law enforcement officials and district attorneys to identify legislation needed to effectively identify, arrest, and punish criminals and to keep our streets safe from violent crime, drunk drivers, and dangerous drug labs.

Our world changed on September 11th. Having lived in the Middle East for three years under a constant high terrorist threat, I understand the extreme nature of this new threat. With my extensive experience in crisis management, I understand the need for emergency services agencies to work together to keep communities safe. I also understand just spending money may not always be effective, and we must make very tough decisions to prioritize our State programs to meet the real threats of terrorism and pandemic diseases.

As the most senior military retiree in the General Assembly, I will work tirelessly to protect Colorado's major military bases from being closed, which would have serious economic effects on El Paso County. I will represent veterans and retirees to obtain the benefits for which they are entitled. I will also work to support our Colorado Army and Air National Guard forces, which protect our active duty bases, guard our local airspace, deploy around the world to fight the war on terrorism, and perform other vital national and local missions. They and their families should receive all the benefits they deserve while on active duty.

In 2008, my bill (HB08-1097) to protect the jobs of all state emergency volunteers during declared emergencies became law. As federal crisis management and counter-terrorism plans become better coordinated with the states, more state legislation will be required in the future to define state and local responsibilities. HB08-1097 went a long way to help certify volunteer groups, and allow them to operate across county lines during national or state-wide emergencies.

Child slavery bill moves to the Senate

HB-1123 to increase criminal penalities for human trafficking, child slavery, and involuntary servitude passed out of the House almost unanimously. The bill increases penalties for child trafficking (buying and selling children) to be equal to adult trafficking, an oversight that was discovered by the Governor's Task Force on Illegal Immigration in 2008. The bill will now move to the Senate where Sen. Dave Schultheis is the Senate sponsor. The bill was opposed in the House Finance Committee by Rep. Joel Judd, Rep. Jim Reisberg, and Rep. Andy Kerr (the Assistant Majority Leader). The only opposing votes on the House Floor were Rep. Joel Judd and Rep. Paul Weissman (the Majority Leader).

Kent Lambert recognized by CCJL

The Colorado Civil Justice League (CCJL) recognized Rep. Kent Lambert for his legislative support with the 2008 "Common Sense in the Courtroom" Award.

CCJL is the only state-wide coalition dedicated exclusively to ending abusive lawsuits and creating a fair civil justice system in Colorado.

They believe in helping those with legitimate harms gain access to the courts. They also believe in protecting those who create jobs, innovate new technologies and provide needed goods and services from being tied up in expensive and groundless litigation.

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