Printed on 5/1/19

Family Issues

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I believe in the sanctity of human life, marriage, and protection of the rights of the crippled and aged.

I am strongly pro-life, and support parents' rights to be notified of their minor children's health and pregnancies.

A bill to criminalize the intentional murder of unborn babies was defeated by Democrats in the Legislature, assuring that Colorado remains one of the few states where the unborn babies of pregnant mothers have no legal protection from violent attacks. I will vote to make the intentional murder of a fetus a crime.

I have always been active in church activities and leadership, and try to put my personal faith into practice. I also respect the right of every citizen to freely choose their own religion and worldview, and to acknowledge God in all aspects of public life.

I support the traditional definition of marriage, strong families and traditional values. I recognize that parents know what's best for their children, and support them in their efforts to raise responsible, loving families. I will work to keep children safe and protect them from pornography and abuse.
-- Kent Lambert

Gretchen, Melissa, and Kent Lambert with Melissa's long time best buddy "Kipper"

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