Printed on 5/1/19


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While Colorado cannot supply all the energy needs of the country, we are the solution to many of the countrys current problems. The Ritter Administration seems to be opposing reasonable needs of the energy producers to supply adequate, affordable oil and gas that consumers need. The new Oil and Gas Commission rules will result in far higher prices for everybody. This will affect all consumers, but especially the poor and consumers on a fixed income. While everybody wants to maintain high standards for air and water quality, people are beginning to realize that the Ritter Administrations attempts to rapidly phase out cheap coal and to force expensive alternative energy projects will come with a high price tag and probably more shortages in affordable supplies. Propaganda about global warming cannot erase the facts that the Ritter No Energy Economy will only increase consumer costs and taxes, and will have absolutely no measurable effect on lowering the global temperature. Meanwhile, dangerous overloads on the energy grid may soon plunge Colorado into frequent brownouts and blackouts. -- Kent Lambert

For more information about our August 2008 RSCC ad hoc hearing on energy, see hearing.

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