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Accountability and competition on the local level are the best ways to develop quality educational programs that parents will support and will improve our public school systems. I am dedicated to quality educational opportunities for every student, policies to raise individual student performance and lower high dropout rates. I encourage parental involvement because parents know what's best for their children's education. Traditional neighborhood schools, magnet schools, charter schools, access to private schools through vouchers, home schooling, and distance learning programs should all be considered as available options based on parents' choices.

Public school policy decisions should be open to the public. As an advocate for open government, I support sunshine laws to make public school and university contract processes open to parents, teachers and elected officials, instead of holding them behind closed doors.

Kent Lambert recognized by Home Schoolers

Kent Lambert was recognized as the Statesman of the Year by the Christian Home Educators of Colorado (CHEC) on April 3, 2009.

Rep. Lambert remarked, "Education should primarily be the responsibilities of parents, not the government. The right of families to choose to participate in home education is an extremely important option for a growing number of Colorado families. Thank you to CHEC for this great honor."

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