What people have said about Kent

"Kent provided outstanding leadership as my aide in the legislature and in establishing the Republican Study Committee of Colorado. Thanks to his hard work and dedication, conservative Republicans in the Colorado Legislature are being encouraged to stand firm for the Core Values and Principles on which our Party was built. I trust his judgment completely and will be proud to serve with him." -- Senator Dave Schultheis

"Kent Lambert worked as my aide at the Capitol. I appreciate the opportunity to work with Kent on several education issues. He is a firm believer in school choice, and has worked with Mark Hyatt from The Classical Academy on charter school issues and how they need to be protected and expanded by the Legislature." -- Senator Keith King

"Kent Lambert received the "Citizen Activist of the Year Award" from the Colorado Coalition for a Secure America Political Action Committee (CASAPAC) for his tireless efforts with the Republican Study Committee of Colorado (RSCC) and Representative Dave Schultheis for the cause of immigration reform. -- CASAPAC Board

"Colonel Lambert provided outstanding leadership to help re-establish the professional military relationship with the Kingdom of Jordan, which directly contributed to the further isolation of the Government of Iraq." -- Joseph P. Hoar, General, USMC, Commander in Chief, United States Central Command

"[Kent Lambert's studies]... facilitated difficult choices for senior Air Staff decision makers and provided quantitative support for multi-billion dollar programs which ultimately become the basis for the nation's strategic deterrence." -- Larry D. Welsh, Chief of Staff, United States Air Force

"One of Defense Intelligence Agency's finest and most active defense attaches--a stellar performer in every area." -- Roderick J. Isler, Major General, U.S. Army, Director for Operations, Defense Intelligence Agency

"Exceptional national human intelligence collector" -- James Woolsey, Director of Central Intelligence

"Colonel Lambert helped shape national policy on nuclear deterrence during the Presidentially-directed Nuclear Posture Review when his Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Study became the basis for the Secretary of Defense's position on the need to retain a significant and stable strategic missile force." -- Colonel Thomas Allen, Commander, Air Force Studies and Analyses Agency

"Prolific Air Staff analyst whose "black world" studies supported several multibillion dollar weapon system decisions, and justified [President Reagan's] bomber acquisition policy to Congress." -- Brig Gen Thomas Case, Director, Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis, U.S. Air Force

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About Kent


A Letter from Kent

Dear Fellow Coloradoan:

I am proud to serve the people of Senator District 9 in the Colorado General Assembly. I have demonstrated my ability to lead, produce results and foster integrity in a wide range of military, academic, scientific, engineering, diplomatic, intelligence, community service and church activities. I believe the people of Colorado Springs deserve a full time representative dedicated to solving the problems of our generation and the future a proven leader.

Starting in 2005, I was a driving force behind the founding of the Republican Study Committee of Colorado (RSCC) (www.rscc.us), the premier Republican caucus in the Colorado General Assembly to foster limited government, a strong national defense, protection of individual and property rights, and traditional family values. Starting with six members in 2005, the Republican Study Committee of Colorado grew this year to 21 state senators and representatives. This year I was elected to the RSCC Board of Directors, and was subsequently elected Chairman.

I have a proven record of saving taxpayers' hard-earned money. As a budget and systems analyst, I am used to solving critical problems and prioritizing budgets. I will make every attempt to find the waste and inefficiency in Colorado government. I have worked to fight against wasteful state spending and to make the tough decisions necessary to provide the best return for your hard-earned tax dollars.

As a family man, I believe in supporting family rights, education, safety and justice, low taxes and small business. I am strongly pro-life, and believe in the sanctity of traditional marriage and the family.

Thank you for your votes and your support. I am a proven leader with a proven record of results. I will continue to work together with people from all walks of life to support our common interests.

With you for Colorado,

Kent Lambert

CUT Recognition

August 12, 2008

(Colorado Springs) Representative Kent Lambert has been recognized as the 2008 House Guardian by the Colorado Union of Taxpayers (CUT). For the second year in a row, Lambert has been rated as one of state legislators most committed to containing tax and spending increases.

This year, the highest rated award recipients were all Republicans from El Paso County: Rep. Douglas Bruce, Rep. Kent Lambert, Senator Dave Schultheis, and Senator Bill Cadman. Ratings of all state legislators and the details of the CUT analysis are available at www.coloradotaxpayer.org.

Proven Leader--Proven Results

Kent Lambert represents Colorado Senate District 9, which includes northern Colorado Springs, the Air Force Academy, and parts of Black Forest.

Kent Lambert retired from the United States Air Force in 2004 as a Colonel. His varied career included tours as a B-52 instructor; a senior scientific analyst in the Pentagon; the air and defense attache in Jordan and Sweden; the Deputy Defense Intelligence Officer for Europe in the Defense Intelligence Agency; and the Deputy Director of the Air Force Space Command Space Analysis Division.

He demonstrated his leadership skills at the United States Air Force Academy by serving on the Cadet Wing Staff in one of only two positions elected by the cadets themselves, the Chairman of the Cadet Professional Ethics Committee. He was commissioned from the Academy in 1974, and has had a diverse career in Air Force operations, scientific analysis, and international affairs, receiving many awards and medals.

As an instructor pilot, he proved his leadership, management, teaching, and team building ability. He led other wing instructors to teach in-flight B-52 combat tactics. As a wing staff officer, he led wing planning, flight scheduling, and served as director of the battle staff for an entire B-52 wing.

His analytical talents were developed through eight years of highly successful work as a scientific analyst, branch chief, and division chief at the Air Force Studies and Analyses Agency, where he was recognized as their top field grade officer in 1995. He was instrumental in high profile studies that helped determine final government policies on major military systems, the structure of all U.S. bomber and ICBM forces, saved billions of taxpayer dollars, and reprioritized money for systems that directly affected our success in Afghanistan and Iraq - saving American lives.

As an attache and international security assistance officer, Colonel Lambert's diplomatic skills were instrumental in re-establishing the professional military relationships between the United States and Jordan following Desert Storm. These actions contributed significantly to the political and military isolation of the Government of Iraq. He received special national citations three years in a row for his work in this position. In Sweden, he established the first office of defense cooperation on bilateral trade, and Baltic and Scandinavian regional security issues. He was assigned to Air Force Space Command in 2001, where he led the initial standup of the command's Space Analysis Division and led many studies that examined all its mission areas, including support for the Space Shuttle Columbia accident investigation.

Following his retirement from the Air Force, he ran for Colorado State Representative, and served as legislative aide to two state representatives. He also was instrumental in forming and organizing the Republican Study Committee of Colorado, where he served as the Executive Director until the end of the 2005 session. In that capacity, he provided direct support to a broad range of Republican legislative activities.

Following his election to the Colorado General Assembly in 2006, Representative Lambert was also elected as Chairman of the Republican Study Committee of Colorado (RSCC). He served on the House State, Military, and Veterans Affairs Committee and was the Ranking Republican member of the House Finance Committee. He was also appointed as Commander of the Colorado Legislative Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol. In August, 2009, he was appointed as the House Republican member to the Joint Budget Committee, and to the House Appropriations Committee.

After his election to the Colorado Senate in 2010, he was elected by the Senate Republican Caucus to serve on the Joint Budget Committee and the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Kent Lambert is married to the former Gretchen Ann Simpich of Colorado Springs (daughter of Bob and Jan Simpich). They have three children, Christopher (32), Michael (31), and Melissa (16), and five grandsons.


B.S., Military History, United States Air Force Academy

M.A., International Relations (Strategic Studies), University of Southern California

M.S., Strategic and Tactical Sciences (Operations Research), Air Force Institute of Technology

Graduate Studies Certificate in Command, Control, and Communications, Air Force Institute of Technology

Graduate, Air War College

Graduate, Leadership Program of the Rockies

Memberships and Associations

Life Member, Veterans of Foreign Wars

Life Member, Military Officers Association of America

Life Member, USAF Academy Association of Graduates

Life Member, National Eagle Scout Association

Life Member, Disabled American Veterans

Life Member, The American Legion

Member, Order of Daedalians (Military Pilots' Association)

Member, Association of Old Crows (Military Electronic Warfare Association)

Member, State Legislators for Legal Immigration

Squadron Commander, Capitol Squadron, Civil Air Patrol

Member, Leaders of Colorado

Member, The Heritage Foundation

Member, Colorado Union of Taxpayers

Member, Colorado Club for Growth

Member, The Independence Institute

Member, Minuteman Civil Defense Corps

Member, Pikes Peak Firearms Association

Member, National Rifle Association

Member, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners

Member, First Presbyterian Church

Former Elder-Deacon, and many other church leadership positions

Twenty five year Sunday School/small group teacher

Member, Officer Christian Fellowship

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